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Code of Ethics

  • I only ever use paints which can be easily removed with water, soap and a cloth. As the skin around the eye area is delicate and sensitive, always remove paints gently. Never allow your child to sleep in face paint.

  • Due to risk of infection I am unable to paint on children who have runny noses, cold sores or other apparent infection or contagious conditions (e.g. chicken pox) particularly of the skin, eyes, mouth (open wounds).

  • If a child has a sensitive skin, I offer a skin test prior to painting. I WILL NOT paint a child who does not wish to be painted or who is asleep.

  • Please ensure that your child has a clean face when they come to be painted and that they are not eating. You should remain with your child at all times around the face painting area. I cannot be held responsible for any child that is left alone.

  • Please do not allow your children to touch the face painting equipment.

  • The recommended age for a child to have their face painted is 3 years old.

  • Although I use top quality products some colours I use may stain the skin, this usually disappears after a day or two. Most paints wash out of clothing easily but we cannot be held responsible for any staining from products on clothing or other materials.

  • I always use a clean sponge per child which are wash at 60 degrees after each booking. Face painting equipment and brushes are thoroughly cleaned after each use and my water is changed regularly throughout painting.

Thank you for taking the time to read this important information, please do not hesitate to ask me if you are unsure about anything.

 Face painting is fun for all and is a great way of bringing colour and excitement to any event. I have never had greater job satisfaction than seeing a smile on a painted child's face when they look in the mirror.