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The Beginner Face Painter’s Crash Course

Ever wanted to have a go at face painting but didn’t know where to begin?

Maybe you’ve been co-opted into face painting at your local school fete or charitable event and need some skills fast? Then register for this face painting workshop, run by our skilled Face artist.

Designed as a face painting tasting plate, this fun class is the perfect place to begin to see if you like it before spending money on a kit. We provide all materials and equipment, go through kit setup, give you the basics of best health and safety practices, and explore some foundation skills through a practical hands-on workshop. Best of all – YOU get to request what you want to learn! 

We will ask the class which designs they want to learn most, and teach the most requested designs to the class.

Finally you can ask the questions you’ve been dying to ask and get helpful answers from an experienced professional. A crash-course in the absolute basics for busy people on a budget, this class is perfect for beginners, or for people who are a wee bit rusty on their painting skills and need a refresher course.

Workshop covers:

  • Overview of products

  • What goes into a face painting kit

  • Health and safety basics

  • Intro to foundation skills including sponge blending, line work, and one-strokes

  • Various Brushes and their uses

  • Hands-on exploration of skills through several simple, effective, popular designs

  • All materials, equipment, and light refreshments provided

Bring: An old hand towel and a mirror. All other materials, equipment, and light refreshments provided, but feel free to bring your kit if you have one and some snacks if you’re hungry!

Skill: Absolute beginners welcome.

Bookings: Send us an email:   Places strictly limited.

Face Painting: Going Pro

Have you been face painting as a hobby for a while and feel ready to turn it into a business?

This custom workshop is for you.

We will share our tips and tricks with you on setting up your face painting business, how to tackle busy events with ease, and share advanced designs and techniques to take your work to the next level. This intensive class is customized to the individual or small group for targeted learning.

Workshop covers:

  • Advanced product knowledge

  • Kit essentials for professionals

  • Loads of tips & tricks to make busy jobs go smoothly

  • Basic requirements for starting a face painting business

  • Pricing yourself

  • Ethics

  • Hands-on exploration of advanced skills through several designs that you request

  • Detailed notes provided

Contact us today, to ask about this custom workshop.

Due to the intensive nature of this workshop, it is currently only available as a custom private workshop for individuals and small groups.